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HYPNOTHERAPY is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes focused relaxation and guided imagery to move beyond the rational mind into deeper subconscious levels where attitudes, beliefs, and programs operate. Here we can pinpoint and modify negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and destructive cellular memories that create illness, injury, and distress.

In a state of tranquil insight, we can create new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings toward actualization of one's potential. In addition, this internal focus allows a regression to the historical cause of self limiting patterns, enabling the trapped emotion to be cleared.

The accessing of THETA brain waves (4-7 cycles per second) alters the levels of certain brain chemicals that influence the nervous system, hormone production, and the immune system. Brain imaging shows that hypnosis effects the on/off switches that drive cellular expression, thus impacting mood and pain levels as well as perception itself.

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