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One quarter of persons who have gastric bypass surgery regain their weight within three to five years. One study found that more than one third of gastric bypass patients regain all or most of their weight within ten years of surgery.

Potential Gastric Band Surgery Problems:

Imagine actually feeling your stomach as a fraction of it's original size, having been surgically altered so that your appetite shrinks proportionately. No surgery, No medication, No astronomical medical bills!

Gastric bypass hypnosis, at a tiny fraction of the cost of surgery, reprograms the mind of the patient to believe their stomach actually is smaller, so that small portions of food create a sensation of fullness. A larger portion will cause discomfort.

Also called Lap Band Hypnosis, this procedure is both safe and effective.

We access THETA brain wave frequency (4-7 cycles per second) using startle reflex release and guided imagery to shift belief and perception at the level where subconscious programs operate. This allows for profound learning, healing, and growth.

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